You cannot wipe out your data only by erasing them.

C-Dozer is designed to erase your data as non-recoverable/permanently.

GDPR Securely Deleting Data

You should use C-Dozer to erase, in specific terms wipe out, the data, which should be erased permanently according to the related articles of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

What is C-Dozer?

Securely Deleting Data

C-Dozer erases data permanently with the most used and accepted algorithms in the industry.

Disk Cleansing

C-Dozer erases your old data permanently which deleted before but still occupy space on disk surface.

Recycle Bin

C-Dozer securely erases all files in the recycle bin.


It is reliable

You probably heard that the data you have erased from your computer, can be recovered by using special software and methods. With C-Dozer, it is possible to erase the files securely and permanently.

Log & Reporting

C-Dozer performs the tasks given by you in due time. It sends the results of transaction to Syslog to provide evidence according to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and at the same time it reports to admin through web panel. If an error occurs, it also sends e-mail to you as well. For your records, the file name, time, algorithm of data cleansing and data path is indicated at the log content.

Cloud Based

C-Dozer is cloud based. When computers and workstations are online C-Dozer takes its tasks through cloud and perform them as wanted in the computer, which it is downloaded.

Management and Planning

You can manage thousands of computers with one click thanks to its advanced scheduled task, group and department structure.

Performance and Silence

C-Dozer is programmed to use low system resources. So that it never discomforts the end user, while it performs its tasks.

  • It doesn’t need lan access.
  • No need to remote access.
  • Tasks are traced till they are completed.
  • Tasks are performed silently on the computer.
  • C-Dozer is never aggressive.
  • End user’s work is not interrupted.
  • It is cloud based and mobile compatible.
  • It is enough to be online to manage C-Dozer.
  • There is no need to integration, copy and paste is enough.
  • Results can report with email & Gui and logged to syslog server.
  • It can manage thousands of computers from one point.
  • Low data traffic.
  • It is highly secured because the client demands the task.